Our Process

Abad Fisheries always takes that extra effort to ensure the processing unit is most hygienic and at par with all mandatory international standards. Keeping our commitment to a global base of customers, the Group has employed a full-fledged Quality Assurance Division which is maintained and controlled by acclaimed, qualified and experienced professionals. The new concept of Quality Assurance ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ (HACCP) is employed in this division to ensure a matchless safety and quality standards for the products.

We use only RO filtered water to process and clean the fish. As soon as it is received, the fish is gutted and immersed in an ice slurry to bring down the temperature to close to zero degree centigrade and then kept in flake ice to maintain its freshness. Apart from a strict adherence to stringent quality control measures, the expertise gained from our decades of experience ensures that nothing but the best reaches the consumers.




Our Process


Individual Quick Freezing

One of the main advantages of this method of preparing frozen food is that the freezing process takes only a few minutes. The exact time depends on the type of IQF freezer and the product.


Frozen Alive

Our factory in the east coast on India has 10,000 hectares of farms around the factory ensuring us we can use this method around us in full effect. The shrimps, harvested by us, are kept alive from the farm while being supplied with oxygen in their containers making the shrimp clean itself and darken during this process and provide maximum freshness.


Spiral Freezing

The frozen food enters from the inlet and is transported from the mesh belt to the outlet. During this transmission process, the cold air generated by the evaporator is extracted by the fan and sent to each layer of mesh belt of the spiral freezer to cool the frozen food. This process is a continuous circulation process which ensures high quality retention in the product.



The concept is to force the brine solution to completely go through and across the shrimp blocks. The chilled brine is applied and spread as a shower over the shrimp blocks that are moved on a conveyor belt. In this technique, with the brine going through the blocks, cold penetration is much faster and so is the freezing of the shrimp.

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