Sea Sparkle

This is our premium brand for cephalopods widely known across Europe and also used for retail sale in India.

We pride ourselves in the quality provided and our customers have been very happy for all the decades we have provided them with these products.

Super Shrimp

Our factories for shrimp are in the east coast of India, surrounded by large areas of farms harvesting Vannamei and Black Tiger Shrimps which we diligently harvest and maintain the highest quality possible while bringing it to the factories.

Super Shrimp is our brand coming out of these factories and we pride ourselves in the quality it signifies.


Brillar is our brand for the Indian market where we provide products from vegetables to meats and everything in between.

We have a wide array of ready to fry and ready to cook products under this brand which are very flavourful and you will definitely enjoy as snacks or part of your meal!

Pride of India

The brand which we focus on the local fishes we find in India and we can share with the world to show them the excellent quality and diversity of the waters off the Indian Coast.


CAP Seafood is our factory on the west coast of India where we process wild caught shrimps which are peeled. We have equipment for Individual quick freezing and blanching as well to ensure we meet the clients’ requirements.

Wild Fish

Wild Fish is a venture of Abad Fisheries, the flagship company of the Abad Group. Established in 1931, the Group has a legacy of being one of the most trusted Indian exporters of seafood in the world. The very same standards of seafood that Abad takes to the international markets are now being offered to you in India. Wild Fish, aims to spoil you for choice. From prawns to lobsters, pearl spot to seer fish, experience the finest fresh seafood in town. Wild Fish now have 2 stores in Kochi at Chullickal and Maradu.